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There is so much more on this site than just Music, though music is our outreach to be used in worship. Much of the music is intended to bring one deeper into worship.

Please note the links on the right which lead to a prayer room, and even special gifts. Everyone has a gift, and our gifts are no less important than yours.

We encourage you to send us a mail, let us know what your gift or gifts are and if you wish provide us with your witness. If it be pictures we will post some on that page. Music? We will do that as well as long as it is in MP3 and not excessively long. Any gift you have. We prefer not to post video due to the size of the files, but we will provide a link to them on your page etc.

If you have a prayer request please do leave us one in an email. [link on prayer room page.] and above all please pray for those listed in this room. We do not take prayer lightly as it is the most powerful weapon we have against Satan.

If you do not believe God can do everything, then in your life he probably will do nothing. If you believe God isn't all powerfull then in your life you will feel none of his power, and if you do not believe God is pure love, then in your life you will have no true love.

God is peace: if you do not believe that, you will have no peace. So without love, peace or the power of God, how will you manage?

....And ..when you take your last breath, and judgment comes, What will you say to a God that you denied for a lifetime?

The Christian Music Room remains non profit. Everything here is intended to edify; You personally, as well as being intended to further Gods' Kingdom

In a moment take a look at the words closely and listen to the mp3 below, perhaps now you should take some time for self evaluation. We are certain that some feathers will be plucked with this. It is time we loose the apathy. How do you feel about Hell? Have you truly given thought to that aspect of your faith? Hell is NOT what we make it. It is real, and already fully functional

Satan spends his time in our churches. He spends little time in LasVegas, Tinsel Town, or anywhere else evil abounds. He doesn't need to. He already has that secured.

Satans best work is happening in our churches! He may be sitting right next to you next time you attend. . In fact, you can bet that Satan is indeed right there. But ne need not disturb your worship. Consider the MP3 above with the names of God. Now consider just exactly how beautiful his sacrifice was. If you do that Satan will flee. He wil turn and run at the very mention of Calvary, and what it has done for us. Instruct the Lord to simply rebuke the devil, any time and place and it will be done.


The Christian Music Room is a page dedicated to the trinity.
This is a project of love.

There are new original Christian Contemp. Songs here, and stories in Midi
as well as MP3 formats..

If you Like Christian Alternative, Christian Rock, Contemporary Christian Music, or Christian Works of any kind, we hope to have it all as time passes by. We love to take Gospel, or Southern Gospel, perhaps works that other artists have used in the past and "improve on them"...But we love to write more than anything else. And as a result.

. The Music Room at the right is a place to go for all our our christian chorus and other works.


All works are written and sequenced originals. (Please see terms of usage at bottom of page)  


.If you have not yet accepted Jesus Christ as your personal savior, please consider it closely. He is the same Yesterday, Today, and Forever!

No matter how hopless life may seem, Christ is your best resource.

We encourage you to let the Holy Spirit into your life!





























































All works on this page are D.Steele & D.Steele or K.Steele .....Christian Chorus, Praise, and Holiday

. If you wish to use any of this work in your church, please let us know.
We can provide scores and lead sheets, and would be happy to do so on request.

This is a free site. We hope to keep it that way with no advertising.

If you wish to contact us for any reason please use the address below. You will need to enter it into your own email program manually. This prevents others from harvesting email address from both sender and receiver.

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